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Video: A completely CRAZY ambulance robbery!

These thieves seized an ambulance while it was fixed on a truck, day, on the highway!

We often come across trucks transporting cars on the highway. But it is rarer to see fixed ambulances behind a convoy! And these thieves didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to afford valuable loot. The latter acted discreetly to climb onto the moving truck and steal a ambulance without the driver noticing. These ill-intentioned people then continued on their way aboard the medical service truck, neither seen nor known!

A ninja’s discretion

This totally surreal scene seems taken from a film but it is very real! This very technical maneuver is to be welcomed even if the gesture is obviously reprehensible. Even if you might think at first that the ambulance fell by itself, you quickly realize that an individual is behind the wheel. We hope for him that he quickly left the highway by flying away without getting caught! What we don’t know is when the thief got into the ambulance… Right from the start? On the move? Anyway, he showed a certain talent to go unnoticed!

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A flight that can pay off

Why steal an ambulance on the highway? For the medical equipment inside, of course! Often targeted by thieves, ambulances cost a small fortune (between 50,000 and 100,000 euros). However, it will be difficult to resell them… unless a total makeover !

Ten years ago, in France, a young man stole a fire truck and was found thanks to the geolocation of the vehicle. He was sentenced to eight months in prison.

There is no doubt that this theft is the result of long-term work by an organized gang. As for the driver of the truck, he’s going to need to have his insurance work when he arrives at the garage with a ambulance less! Since the scene was filmed, he will have good proof!

here is video (posted on Twitter by eyecatching) in question, which made the rounds on social networks. Internet users seem to take this theft lightly, despite its seriousness, especially on the moral level:

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