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14-year-old engages in chase with police after stealing Mustang Shelby GT500

A mad chase ensued between the police and…a 14-year-old child after he stole a Mustang Shelby GT500.

A 14 year old child engaged in a chase with the police in the Michigan, October 12, 2022. The scene is bewildering, as the age of the child in question contrasts with the seriousness of the situation. The police first set off in pursuit of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 he was driving. The problem ? He stole it…

According to information provided by the chain Fox2the theft allegedly took place at an assembly plant in Ford, the Flat Rock Assembly Plant. The police then intervened and a scene with a very American accent began. The car chase ended when the child ran away from his vehicle and jumped off the bridge on which he stopped!

A breathtaking chase in Mustang Shelby GT 500

The American Channel Fox 2 managed to dig up a video of the scene. It then shows that the policeman finally got out of his vehicle and drew his gun. He pointed to the 14-year-old’s vehicle to force him out and surrender. According to information from the Michigan police, that’s when the 14-year-old child got out of his car and jumped into the void.

It fell from very high, more than 7 meters high. He is not dead, fortunately for him. But he was seriously injured, enough to prevent him from continuing to flee. He was then picked up by the police, who directly taken to the hospital. Still according to the local police services, the life of the child is not in danger. His injuries, although serious (understandably, given the height of his fall), are not life threatening.

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A theft of several Mustangs at the origin of the chase

The incident came after police were tipped off that three Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 had been stolen from the Ford factory already mentioned. Not all of them had been stolen by the 14-year-old child. He was part of the band of suspected thieves. At the policy of Brownstowna small town in Michigan, then managed to locate the three vehicles heading towards Northern Michigan.

The police then asked them to stop their race, without success. They only managed to pursue one of the three Mustangs, the one the 14-year-old was driving. The theft of these Ford models has been on the rise for some time. The situation is therefore not unusual. Taking the lead in limiting these thefts, the American brand has taken the initiative to decrease the filling of fuel tanks of its factory vehicles. Thus, thieves can not go far!

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