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“Car cannibalism”: this new WORRYING practice from the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has recently been affected by “car cannibalism”. A phenomenon that consists of randomly deboning cars.

Have you ever seen a completely boned bike on the edge of a sidewalk? The situation is absolutely not uncommon in France, especially in the streets of large cities like Paris. Now imagine the same thing, but with a car. It’s about « car cannibalism ». A practice of disassemble carsfor no apparent reason.

The situation is apparently not uncommon in the United Kingdom, which has been dealing with this phenomenon for some years. A British media, LBC, even got down to the task of identifying acts of this kind on British territory. According LBCthey found at least 13 minutes of « car cannibalism » just in Scotland. However, it is not the territory most affected by this phenomenon.

The « car cannibalism »a growing practice in the UK

The British media are reporting more and more acts of « car cannibalism ». They would particularly target a certain type of car. Two weeks ago, Birmingham Live reported a Toyota Yaris found partially deboned near Birmingham. On October 6, Coventry Live also reported that two vehicles were completely dismantled 48 hours apart, in the North Warwickshire. On September 28, the Scottish Sun even appealed to owners of Vauxhall Corsas, advising them to be vigilant given a recent increase in acts of destruction on these models.

The most amazing thing about this story is that only certain specific vehicle models are targeted. These are in particular the Vauxhall Corsa and Toyota Yaris. Visibly, one time would even have trained to practice the « Corsa cannibalism« . In other words, they attack every Vauxhall Corsa they come across. Photos of these deeds show that they usually remove the hood, engine and a few front parts. They then leave the vehicle where it was.

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The authors of « car cannibalism » still wanted

The practitioners of this « car cannibalism » still remain completely unknown. According LBC, the British police are still not well aware of these practices. Thus, of the 13 acts they identified in Scotland, most had not been recorded by the police as being « car cannibalism ». However, the police services are beginning to take a close interest in this phenomenon. In the West Midlandsa county particularly affected by this problem, a dedicated police unit has even been created.

Most vehicle owners covered by the « car cannibalism« remain worried, as the action of the police still seems limited. Thus, none of these acts have yet led to arrests. A few arrests have been made, but the police still lack evidence. For the moment, the British police are advising owners to park their vehicles in well-lit places to discourage the followers of the « car cannibalism » to attack their car.

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