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Delorean Alpha 5: the new star of Fast & Furious 10!

As you probably know, DeLorean is (re)launching electric vehicles! While his model is not yet on the market, it is already appearing in cinemas.

At the end of May 2022, DeLorean unveiled the first images of its electric model, the DeLorean Alpha 5. The brand was thus reborn from its ashes in zero emission version, a strategy that is obviously not unique to DeLorean. In the same vein, Hummer has, for example, just relaunched its brand with an electric model, the GMC Hummer edition 1.

DeLorean is best known for its DMC-12. She was made famous due to her appearance in the film series Back to the future. However, its commercial success was not there. Perhaps Alpha 5 will meet the same fate? Even though it is not yet marketed, it will in turn be integrated into a film at the cinema!

The DeLorean Alpha 5 on the set of Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 10slated for theatrical release in 2023, incorporated the model Alpha 5 developped by DeLorean. However, the vehicle has not yet been put on the market and its commercial success remains, for the moment, non-existent. But it doesn’t matter, because the brand has become cult for its appearances in the cinema in the trilogy Back to the future. Thus, it would appear almost abnormal that the new DeLorean is absent from cinema screens.

However, Back to the futurewhich is not exactly the same as Fast and Furious. Admittedly, the theme of the films revolves exclusively around motor racing. But not sure whether to integrate a DeLorean in the next one Fast and Furious do good publicity for the brand, given thecommercial failure of the last installments. Truth be told, the franchise raises today more doubts than cheers as for the quality of his films…

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Will DeLorean rise from its ashes thanks to the electric car?

Certainly, DeLorean is a cult brand thanks to cinema. On the other hand, the company’s history is anything but that of an industrial success. Founded in 1975 by John DeLoreanit went bankrupt only seven years later, in 1982. It was thus already out of the race when Back to the future took it to the cinema! The reason for this failure is simple: the demand never followed the company’s ambitions. Worse, its founder was accused of having engaged in drug trafficking to compensate for the financial difficulties of the company. But a dismissal was finally pronounced.

Despite this short history, the production of DeLorean DMC-12 resumed in 2017, for a price still exceeding $70,000. Thus, DeLorean certainly intends to relaunch with an electric vehicle and take advantage of its popularity acquired thanks to the cinema to get up again. But the next Fast and Furious will it benefit the brand?

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