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Fuel: when will the return to normal be?

As the situation improves at service stations, when is fuel expected to return to normal?

Are we finally starting to see the end? It’s entirely possible. After almost a month of strikes at TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil, the movement is slowly beginning to weaken. And this even if the negotiations still seem to be at a standstill between the strikers and the management of the two companies. If the CGT renewed the strike in two depots, the others, as well as the refineries have all already gone back to work. Enough to hope for a quick return to normal in service stations, many of which have been completely emptied for several weeks. But not everything should go as empty as you think. We will explain everything to you !

Several days

If restocking finally begins to resume slowly, we should not expect an immediate return to normal. According to some specialists, it would indeed be necessary to count between 15 and 20 days so that everything finally improves. Indeed, it takes time to restock all the service stations, which will probably initially be taken by storm by motorists who have not been able to fill their tank before. Moreover, the number of tank trucks is also limited, and it is therefore not possible to supply everyone at the same time. If the permission to deliver on weekends has been temporarily extended, it may soon be withdrawn as well.

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An improving situation

But rest assured, things are still much better than a week ago. At that time, about 38% of service stations were empty, compared to barely 17% currently. And it should continue to improve as the days go by. So there’s no need to rush to the pump, especially if you have fuel left in your tank. Thus, you will avoid clogging the stations for nothing.

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