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GGP Auto: a new major player in the French automotive industry

A rapid and national success

It all started 5 years ago when Jean Marie Zodo and Michel Cordier created the group GGP Auto. They start by buying several Renault/Dacia dealerships in the North. The success was immediate and GGP bought automotive groups such as Conraux, Wacrenier and Molina in 2018 before taking an important step in 2019 by partnering with Norauto. From this collaboration was born “Les Occasions Norauto”, a large sales area for used vehicles in Seclin. Customers are there and the project is expanding with the acquisition of 10 Renault Retail Group establishments in the Lille metropolitan area and in Montpellier. The two founders of the group are very familiar with the automotive and business world. They worked at Renault before buying their first dealership in 1982. GGP Auto is now a major automotive group, it is one of the top 10 players in automotive distribution in France, it is a real success story for major Garages in Pas-de-Calais (GGP). Starting from scratch in 2017, the group will generate a turnover of €492.6 million in 2021, has sold 25,000 vehicles that same year and works with 1,600 employees. To achieve these exceptional results, the company relied on strong and essential values ​​for it: team spirit, commitment, excellence and adaptation to change. It is therefore no coincidence that the group’s customers are satisfied with the services offered and are loyal to GGP Auto.

Many ongoing projects

2022 is a capital year and for the moment a year of success for the northern group. It has partnered with Reezocar to open the first ReezoShop physical agency dedicated to used vehicles. April was the month of the launch of the GGP Auto website, the objective being to boost the sale of used vehicles and after-sales appointments. And September was
the month of the opening of an Alpine dealership in Nîmes. The group impresses by being the second private investor in the Renault-Dacia-Alpine brands and by being a reference for the sale of used vehicles. The figures underline this great success: 45,000 vehicles will be sold in 2022, an increase of 10,000 vehicles compared to 2021. GGP Auto does not foresee
to stop on such a beautiful path and intends to expand further.

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