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Rolling in frying oil is finally legal: everything you need to know

It’s official, it is now finally allowed to roll in frying oil! We explain everything about this measure.

A few months ago, we were discussing a bill aimed at authorizing the use of frying oil as fuel. Indeed, if it is technically quite possible to drive with this type of product, this practice was previously totally prohibited by law. And this for the simple and good reason that oil is not taxed as much as gasoline or diesel, thus representing a significant shortfall for the government. In case of control, you can then get a heavy fine, depending on the amount used to operate your car. But now that is changing. And indeed, the government has finally legalized driving in frying oil, as part of its budget bill 2023.

A great step forward

This amendment was originally proposed by the environmental deputy Julien Bayou and refused by the government in August, to the chagrin of motorists who saw it as a solution to save money. But a few months later, our leaders came back to the question and finally integrated this measure into the PFL. The MP then asserted that unlike rapeseed, sunflower, soybean and palm oils also used to make biodiesel, used cooking oils do not compete with food“, adding that”it is better to depend on the fries stands of the North than on the oil of the oil monarchies« .

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A few precautions

If the use of used frying oil is therefore authorized, it is not possible to do everything and anything. Indeed, only diesel cars can use this alternative fuel without any risk. It is also advisable to add a little diesel to the mixture to make it even more fluid. It is also necessary to adapt the engine to better filter the oil in order to avoid damaging it. This must also be decanted and then filtered before being used.

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