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Video: paraplegic, he drives a BMW M2 on the Nurburgring!

This Belgian driver unfortunately has a paralyzed lower body. But with his BMW M2 fully adapted to his motor handicap, he is still capable of posting amazing times over the 20.8 km of green hell!

Axel is a true car enthusiast. Unfortunately, he is a paraplegic. Which means the lower part of his body is paralyzed. Impossible for him to press an accelerator or brake pedal. MBut don’t imagine that his handicap prevents him from driving, quite the contrary! And he proves it in the most beautiful way by lining up the times on probably the most difficult circuit in the world: le Nürburgring.

Specially adapted

As can be seen in the video below, the BMW M2 d’Axel is not entirely original. In addition to receiving some performance improvements, it has also been adapted to be driven only with the hands : the accelerator is managed on the left of the steering wheel using an imposing paddle, but also on the right using a button. It is the latter that he uses mainly. As for the brake, it operates from a lever on the right of the steering wheel. Eh yes ! VSThis means that Axel mostly drives with one hand on the wheel, regardless of the speed!

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A breathtaking performance!

The least we can say is that the pilot is not lacking in talent! He seems to be Nüburgring like at home ! He goes on overtaking, all with one hand on the wheel of his BMW M2! He is amazing, even his passenger of the day who is none other than Misha Charoudinis impressed! The youtubeur and above all well-known figure of the green hell even offers him to compete in his team, joking so much he is impressed by the talent of the Belgian! He is not the only one ! Well done Axel.

Check out the video of Axel Rover driving underwater below:

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