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Opportunity: the market continues to collapse

If sales of new cars are going up, this is not really the case for the second-hand market, in real free fall in October.

A few days ago, we announced a slight upturn in new car sales, with figures up from last year. Nothing miraculous for as much, unfortunately, but the sign of a small improvement all the same. Nevertheless, customers are still lacking and manufacturers are still affected by the shortage of semiconductors, which is delaying manufacturing as well as deliveries. The situation is particularly difficult for theautomobile industry, since 2020 with the start of the health crisis. And there is no doubt that this should not work out right away, because in addition to this there are increasingly strict environmental standards. In short, bad weather for manufacturers and for the automobile industry in general.

Declining sales

But then, what about the second-hand market? Well, unfortunately, it’s far from being a party too. To tell the truth, it is even rather a disaster. Indeed, sales fell very heavily in October, by around 14.8% compared to the same month in 2021. A figure close to that recorded over the last ten months, with a 14.3% decrease. But that’s not all, because at the same time, prices continue to climb, around 2.5% in October, and 12.8% since the start of the year. An incredible surge, which we owe to the increase in demand, while many motorists are turning to the occasion. A success that leads to this drop in sales, because there are simply not enough cars for everyone.

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All brands concerned

With a few small exceptions like Peugeot which climbed 1.3%, all manufacturers are down. This is the case of Renault, which recorded a 2.5% fall, but also of Volkswagen, which lost 1.4%. However, some manage to hold their own, like Come on whose sales increased by 5.4%. Hopefully, however, the situation will finally improve, as all the lights are currently red…

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