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Video: could this be the most expensive circuit parade in the world?

A secret encounter brought together an incredible collection of supercars and hypercars on a famous English circuit. The value of these many dream cars is in the tens of millions!

The “Supercar Driver” is a club which brings together owners of supercars in the United Kingdom. Its members enjoy guided tours, car rallies and larger events. This club also organizes « Secret Meet » (secret meeting) between owners of supercars or hypercars. But the last organized Secret Meet has grown considerably!

Amazing pictures

Organized on the famous English circuit of Donington Parkthis “Secret Meet” brought together simply amazing collection of cars ! Better still: these exceptional cars were not simply assembled at a standstill but they also took the circuit known for its motorbike, car and Formula 1 races. This resulted in some amazing images like in this video where we first see nothing less than a very rare McLaren P1 GTR Lanzante, a track racer whose hybrid V8 delivers 1,000 horsepower. When the view widens, we discover that the McLaren is far from isolated on the track!

Innombrables supercars

On this other video, we realize that in fact there are dozens and dozens of ultra-rare models that roam the Donington Park track in this parade reserved for hypercars. Let’s quote them McLaren F1 GTR, Mercedes CLK GTR, SLS Stirling Moss, Ferrari F40, F50 or LaFerrari, Ford GT, Maserati MC12 GT1, Lamborghini Reventon, Porsche Carrera GT, Bugatti EB110 and other Noble M600. The list is almost endless. It’s simple, almost all the hypercars in the world were gathered in the same place!

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Note also that in addition to this parade reserved for hypercars, a parade dedicated to supercars and another only to Ferrari were also organized. Something to satisfy everyone!

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