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Audi is preparing a new logo to adapt to electric vehicles

Audi is reinventing its logo! The legendary German brand has indeed decided to adapt it to its lines of electric vehicles.

The entry of car manufacturers into the electric vehicle segment announces great upheavals for many of them. And that involves more than changing the technical characteristics of their new models compared to thermal engine cars. Some brands, notably Audi, also take advantage of this to adapt their designoften with a view to creating futuristic-looking vehicles.

With this in mind, Audi has even decided to change its famous logo. While the brand will begin a shift to turn to the production of electric vehicles, it also intends to modernize it. An important change for the German manufacturer, which it has already started with its Audi Q8 e-tron ranges.

Audi is preparing a new logo for the marketing of its electric vehicles

So of course, Audi is not completely reinventing its logo to make one that has nothing to do with the previous one. The basic framework remains there, with the four iconic interlocking rings. It’s just that they now appear in a completely different way. The idea is actually to modernize Audi logo, give it a facelift. It’s also about making it a little more streamlined than it is today.

Those are Second Georgedesigner, and Frederick Kalish, Audi’s brand strategy expert, who took on this rather delicate task. According to the first, Audi has decided to take an approach rather “purist” to design its new logo. Indeed, the four rings have been kept, since it isan essential feature manufacturer’s products. However, it is their appearance that has been modified. They now sport a two-dimensional, white-on-black look, which aims to give the vehicles a more contemporary feel than if the old chrome, 3D logo had been applied to them.

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The new Audi logo will come in a 2D version

Certainly the most important modification of the Audi logo is that it will no longer be in 3D, but in 2D. For Audi, this decision was made in order tostandardize badging on all its vehicles, but also wherever it will be deployed. “We want the four rings to look the same everywhere in the future: whether in a magazine, on your smartphone or on a billboard – and on or in the car”explained designer Andre Georgi.

Traditionally, the four rings of the logo have always been chromed. But the new logo makes way for a crisper white and black finish. Designer Georgi describes it as the “new chrome”. “The white gives the rings a flat, premium look, while maintaining a three-dimensional look in the details”, he adds. Audi customers will also be able to choose a darker variant of the logo. They would then be offered with a dark gray instead of white.

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