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Chinese cars: 5 stars in crash tests!

Having made giant progress in terms of safety, the Chinese brands have been awarded five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests. An essential score to highlight their technologies, and reassure customers who are still hesitant.


The car safety made a giant leap in a few decades. You only have to compare the models found in the 60s and 70s to those of today to realize all the progress that has been made. Steel body against aluminum body, security cell. Laminated windscreen, airbag, headrests… Without mentioning of course the many current electronic aids. such as emergency brake assist, ABS or ESP ! While some were pioneers of on-board safety (Volvo, Mercedes-Benz), other manufacturers, on the contrary, had great difficulty in making their models safe. This is the case of chinese manufacturerswhich to break the costs had makes the impasse at their beginnings on the structures and elementary safety equipment.

A track record to hide

We talk a lot about Chinese manufacturers today. But if we forgot them ten years agoit’s because the safety levels of their cars were far from perfect. In 2005, for example, the first Chinese model to be distributed in Europe, the Landwind X9, catastrophically failed crash test. A defeat that precipitously ended his career on the Old Continent. A few years ago, it was a Chinese car authorized in Europe that made people talk about it: the Suda 01. The benefits remained just as worrying. But since then, Europe has taken the plunge and European consumers are ready to buy Chinese. A godsend for these many manufacturers, who multiply brands and models here.

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Increased quality and safety

Pour taste this juicy European market, no more question of being wrong. Chinese manufacturers have understood this very well. They have aligned their security standards with European standards. To offer safer models, of course, but also and above all to reassure customers and killing the image of poorly designed and dangerous chinese cars. If we do a quick tour of the Euro NCAP website, we can thus see that the last Nio ET7, Wey Coffee 2, BYD Attoor Lynk&Co 01 all received full marks. *

A score that offers them yet another nice additional selling point. In addition to the attractive price and plethoric equipment compared to the competition. A spirit that does not only affect individuals, but also professional fleets. The lessor Sixt has thus announced that it will order 100,000 copies of the BYD Atto 3. Just after this one got the five stars in the Euro NCAP test. It is estimated that in 2030until 20% of the European electric market could be represented by Chinese models. That is 1.16 million vehicles.

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