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BMW 3.0 CSL: a special and exclusive model for the 50th anniversary of M

To finish in apotheosis the 50th anniversary of the Motorsport division of BMW, the brand with the propeller arrives with a special and exclusive model: the BMW 3.0 CSL.

When you ask the Bavarian manufacturer about the reason for developing this new BMW 3.0 CSLthe answer is simple: We wanted to design a model that brings together the best of the M division’s know-how over the past five decades.. So, taking a mythical name from the brand to the propeller, this reinterpretation of the BMW 3.0 CSL resume all codes of a vehicle M. Namely a straight-six enginea manual transmission and a pure propulsion.

The most powerful six-cylinder BMW ever produced

Historically, the iconic models of the M division offered – with this same engine architecture – 277 hp with the BMW M1 from 1978. From 1991 and the second generation of the M5the power was then increased to 340 ch. About the 5th generation of the BMW M3launched in 2014, the maximum power peaked at 431 ch thanks to M TwinPower Turbo technology.

Today, under the hood of this BMW 3.0 CSL hides the best-performing straight-six than a car with a propeller homologated on the road has ever known. By feeding on competition heritagein particular from championship DTM (German Touring Car Championship), the twin-turbo straight-six of this new BMW 3.0 CSL is now developing 560 ch. For comparison, it is 50 hp more than the current BMW M3 and M4.

Question couplethis BMW 3.0 CSL develops 550 Nm.

Manual transmission and pure propulsion

As you may have read above, this BMW 3.0 CSL specially designed for the 50th anniversary of the M embeds characteristic elements of the Motorsport division. Consequently, the German embeds – instead of the eight-speed automatic transmission – a six-speed manual transmission. BMW invokes a precise gearbox with perfectly adapted ratios for sporty driving.

To further support the heritage and know-how of BMW and the Motorsport division, this new BMW 3.0 CSL is a pure propulsion. Point of x-Drive technology here, all the power is transmitted to the only rear wheels.

Of course, this BMW 3.0 CSL also has the latest technology of the Bavarian firm. Jumbled up, we find the Active M differentialof the M carbon-ceramic brakes gripped by six-piston calipers up front, a suspension adaptive M or even a Traction Control M.

BMW 3.0 CSL: the hunt for extra pounds

Inevitably, for a sportswoman, the enemy is weight. Thus, the design of this new BMW 3.0 CSL makes the hunt for excess pounds. The German manufacturer uses the plastic reinforced carbon fiber (carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP)). The “real” carbon is also in the game with parts such as the roof, the rear diffuser and many others made using this material. the titanium muffler allows, for its part, gain 4.3 kg on the scales compared to a conventional escapement.

On board, the leitmotif is the same. We note a rich use of carbon and lightweight materials. This is for example the case of carbon M bucket seats. And sport obliges, the job Alcantara (steering wheel, dashboard) is appropriate.

All this put end to end allows this BMW 3.0 CSL to display a power to weight ratio of 2.9kg/hp.

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A limited edition

An exceptional model, an exceptional series. This new BMW 3.0 CSL will indeed only be produced in 50 copies. A figure all found, you will have understood it, for celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Motorsport division from the builder to the propeller.

BMW announces that three months of production are required for all 50 copies. For information, each model goes through eight assembly cycles and an specific team of 30 technicians hand-picked are responsible for the quality of assembly of each unit.

Finally, if you fancy owning a piece of M Division history, know that the prices have – for the moment – ​​not been communicated by BMW…

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