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Carpool speed cameras: in which cities are they already present?

We would tend to forget it. Yet this new type of radar does exist. Carpool radars continue to expand. Precisely, which are the municipalities where they are located?

If they have entered into mores in California, on the side of Los Angeles for example, the carpool speed cameras are much less known to us. However, in France, some carpooling radars already exist. And almost in the greatest secrecy, they continue to grow and establish themselves in more and more cities in France.

To find out if you are already concerned, website draws up an inventory. Follow the leader.

Carpool speed cameras: what is it?

Before knowing in which cities you are likely to come across them, let’s start with the basics. Namely, how these carpool radars work. Simply put, these new devices work same way as fixed speed cameras. So you pass to the side of these famous radars. Carpool speed cameras scannent so the number of occupants on board of each vehicle. The rule is simple: two or more people on board, you’re good. Less than two in the cabin, you expose yourself to a fine.

If for now the sanctions are only educationalthereafter in case offenseyou risk a fine of 135 euros. Note that the lanes reserved for carpooling allow buses, taxis and vehicles classified Crit’Air 0… even if you are alone in the car. Not very fair, right? But in fine, the purpose of these radars is to limit the number of polluting vehicles on French roads. On paper, who says carpooling, says fewer cars in circulation.

In which cities can you find them?

Now that we have got to know (in general terms) these carpool radars, it is time to take a look at their Geographic location. According to, five fixed speed cameras already monitor reserved lanes. The first is on the A48 in Grenoblethe second on the M7 south of Lyon and the third on the M6 north of Lyon. The last two have just been installed on the D3508 north of Annecy.

But beware. the deployment in other regions is indeed in the pipes.

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Which cities to come?

Like the proliferation of speed camera checks, the deployment of carpooling speed cameras is inevitable. Thus, the Ile-de-France region will also be entitled to its carpooling radars. the parisian ring road will be the main illustration with an entire carpool lane. Precisely, a radar is currently in the test phase at the Porte de Montreuil. Moreover, with the 2024 Olympics it would seem that the Ile-de-France motorways A1 and A6a are equally concerned.

In the short term, the carpooling radar project affects the Boulevard de la Prairie de Mauves in Nantes et the A502 near Aubagne (13).

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