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Double fuel mistake: he injects diesel into not one, but two gasoline cars!

A fuel error is common. But two in a row! Unfortunately for the victims, the fault lay with TotalÉnergies…

This is quite silly. Last week, Lawrence and his wife, two inhabitants of Orgeval, wanted to fill the tank of their two cars. Not yet converted to all-electric, they still drive gasoline-powered vehicles. Completely normal reaction: they then go to the nearest gas station, located on Boulevard Pasteur in the small town of Yvelines. A very banal act. Except that here, instead of putting gasoline, they injected diesel into their two vehicles!

The error is common, of course. What is less common is the origin of the problem. The two unfortunates hadn’t made a mistake when they used themselves at the gas station. They had headed for the lead-free 95 E10. And they thought, rightly, that they had filled up with gasoline, as usual. But that was without counting on a delivery error from TotalÉnergies: the day before, the 95 E10 unleaded pump had been filled with diesel…

Disaster: a delivery error from TotalÉnergies leads a couple to inject diesel into their two petrol cars

At the time, Laurent and his wife noticed absolutely nothing. They left the TotalÉnergies station in Orgeval with their Peugeot 5008their Suzuki Swift and a bank account that was certainly badly damaged. And the worst part of the story is that they had turned around for a while before finding a full gas station! “I had turned around a bit but because of the end of the government rebate, everyone had rushed to the pumps the previous days and it was really not easy to find fuel in the sector »he explained to Parisian.

He ended up coming across a station run by TotalÉnergies, next to which stands a small Peugeot-Citroën family garage. And bingo! The garage offers 95 unleaded. A godsend for the couple, who then rush to the gas pump to avoid running out of fuel. But then, if all went well on the return trip, things started to get complicated three or four kilometers further on. “The car was constantly grazing and stalling”he says. “I called my insurance, which sent me a tow truck”. And that’s where the couple discovers the pot of roses…

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A support “smoothly conducted”

It was the mechanic located right next to the station where Laurent went to use himself who discovered the origin of the problem. In fact, TotalÉnergies committed a delivery error the day before. The delivery man filled the pump with unleaded diesel. Neither one nor two, the mechanic decides to take care of everything. He proceeds to the complete cleaning of the supply circuit, to the tank emptying and even called Total to cover the costs, thanks to the toll-free number set up by the company.

And now, the case is closed! Everything turned out well in the end for Laurent and his wife, who ended up going home with a full tank of gas in their two cars. In the meantime, if you make such a mistake yourself, do not hesitate to refer to the TotalÉnergies website to find out how to react!

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