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Electrical retrofit: Electrogenic offers conversion kits

The British company Electrogenic has designed retrofit kits to transform old cars into 100% electric models with a complete solution.

Electrogenic is a company based near Oxford, England, and specialized in the transformation of classic cars into 100% electric models. In addition to some iconic British models, he also converted a Citroën DS using a 122 horsepower electric motor, improving the performance of the original DS.

To facilitate the old car conversion in a electrical retrofitElectrogenic now offers for sale “Drop-in kits” including everything needed to give a second life to your favorite old car.

Electrogenic: kits for electrical retrofitting

Ces electrical retrofit kits are composed of an electric motor which replaces the original heat engine, an electric battery as well as all the devices allowing management and recharging, but also a software calculator which allows the whole to operate. Depending on the kits, the original gearbox is retained or removed.

In addition, a digital dashboard allows you to keep an eye on the status of the system and the electric motor, and allows you to configure its settings or choose from driving modes (Eco, Sport or City). A braking energy recovery system for recharging the battery also completes the kit.

Electrogenic retrofit kits: how do they work?

Electrogenic retrofit kits have been custom designed for the vehicle for which they are intended. Simply remove the original components such as the engine, transmission or fuel tank, and install the kit components instead, using the car’s original mounting points. These changes are reversiblewhich allows you to return to the original engine if you change your mind.

Installation must be carried out by a company-certified specialist, and Electrogenic’s network has many addresses around the world. It is also possible to entrust your car to the specialists of Electrogenic in their workshops in Kidlington, England.

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Electrogenic retrofit kits: for which models?

Electrogenic offers retrofit kits for different classic modelsamong which we find the Land Rover Defender, the Land Rover Series, the Jaguar Type E or the Porsche 911 Type G and 964.

For example, on the Jaguar Type E, several configurations are offered, making it possible to offer 163 to 204 horsepower, 620 to 840 Nm of torque, as well as 43, 48, 62 kWh batteries whose autonomy can reach 320 km. The electrical architecture as well as the Combo CSS connector allow the battery to be recharged with powers of 6.6 kW (alternating current) and 100 kW (direct current).

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