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Immersion in the used auto parts market

Jaqu’auto is a specialist in used car parts. Julien Jacquot, Managing Director of Jaqu’Auto, tells us about the DNA of the company and the challenges of its sector of activity.

What is Jaqu’Auto’s mission?

The story of Jaqu’Auto began in 1976, in Franche-Comté with François Jacquot. Today it encompasses the sale of spare partsnew or used, treatment and recycling of waste metals and pollutants and lastly, buying and selling vehicles damaged and used.

We sell 25,000 used parts each year, and process 2,200 tonnes of waste per year. As’company established for more than 47 years in the automotive marketwe make sure to stay a reliable and sustainable player. As such, we are Qualicert certified. This label guarantees our respect for the environment and our quality of service. We also benefit from a prefectural decree, a sign of our seriousness.

Jaqu’Auto ensures the same quality in terms of the working environment. We are proud of our 40 employees. They cultivate a real team spirit and put their expertise at the service of ever more qualitative automotive parts. In short, our company is part of a process of continuous improvementwith one goal: to satisfy our customers.

Who are the customers you are addressing?

Our clients are both individuals and professionals, spread across France and Europe. They can order our spare parts on our website. They will be delivered to them in 24 or 48 hours. They can also contact us by phone or email, and so benefit from the refined advice of our sales technicians. These exchanges are valuable. Our staff can provide them with useful information on the compatibility of a part with their vehicle.

Has your business been impacted by the economic climate?

During the various confinements, there was a drop in vehicles circulating, and therefore a drop in accidents and vehicle re-entry. We used this time to take stock, analyze our dormant stocks, send products for renovation, recycling, or even abroad. We have indeed exported certain parts to countries that needed them. Also, various improvements in the quality of life at work have been made in concert with our employees.

This period allowed us to be less in the urgency of daily production. We questioned our way of working, and we took the time to do better by reorganizing ourselves. This time was used wisely, since it helped us to progress by increasing our quality of production of parts from the circular economy (PIEC).

Have you noticed an evolution in the expectations of your customers?

Our customers are increasingly demanding used parts. The opportunity is starting to become commonplace, including for the automotive sector. There is an awareness of the benefits of reuse, recycling, the circular economy and the preservation of the planet. Besides, reuse is much more efficient facing the recycling process, which requires a lot of energy. It is needed to transform a room.

In the case of an engine, for example, it is transported, crushed, then remelted to make something else from aluminium. Complex processes, which generate a lot of CO2. Recycling is noble, however the power of reuse is beyond measure in terms of CO2 production savings.

The CO2 balance generated by a second-hand engine or door, for example, is infinitely less. Just take it apart and place it in the heart of another vehicle. Reuse is noble, and motorists tend to go there. The appetite for new must be on the decline, because it is virtuous and civic-minded to make a second-hand purchase.

And what about electric vehicles?

We are receiving more and more electric vehicles to process! Jaqu’Auto is already equipped for depollution of their assembly and offers very good quality electrical spare parts. We are ready to respond to requests from public authorities or ADEME to further improve the treatment of electric vehicles.

Insurers now encourage the purchase of reused parts to restore vehicles. What does this represent for you?

In essence, Jaqu’Auto has already been working with insurers since the 1980s. This provision is beneficial for the environment as well as for policyholders, since it allows them to save money, without seeing the monthly costs of their insurance increase. Thanks to this partnership with insurance companies, Jaqu’Auto multiplies its commitments and combines its environmental role with a social role. Indeed, the final invoice is less important with used parts.

What do you think is the biggest challenge ahead of you?

The Jaqu’Auto company and its employees are ready to work with various interlocutors to provide the best possible quality. We have the necessary infrastructure to produce and distribute virtuous re-use parts. As our company is already up to standard, it is also active on new projects in order to stay at the forefront. We hope that the regulations will be able to clarify our profession at the level of the general public, and also lift our profession even further.

Do you have a final word?

The automotive sector is changing rapidly, and hydrogen vehicles appear to be the next step. Regardless of the changes, Jaqu’Auto will equip itself to process the vehicles entrusted to it. Over time, there may be more public transport and fewer vehicles, but there will always be mobility. Our business will continue. A huge thank you to our employees who have the satisfaction of our customers in their DNA, they work every day in this direction.

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