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New York: the most expensive city in the world to park your car, and Paris is far behind!

You thought that no place on Earth could have parking spaces as expensive as Paris. Think again: New York is much more expensive!

What is the city where the parking spaces are most expensive in the world? This is the question that the site finally managed to answer. Parkopedia.comwho published his 2022 Global Parking Index. The objective of this study is simply to collect as much data as possible on parking spaces around the world, including their price. In total, the site analyzed more than 90 million parking spacesdistributed in more than 20,000 cities and 19 countries.

Quite a job, which has made it possible to establish a ranking of the cities where parking spaces are on average the most expensive. So of course, it is always possible to find much, much more expensive parking spaces. Only, this is a average price for two hours of parking. Otherwise, there are also parking spaces over $600,000 in Hong Kong! But that’s another story…

New York, ranked the most expensive city in the world to park

In France, there is no doubt that Paris tops the list of the most expensive cities for parking. Even more so since more and more restrictions on car traffic have been introduced. However, the French capital is only the 19th city where parking is the most expensive. Which is already not bad, with an average of 12 euros for two hours of parking.

It is mainly American and Australian cities that are placed in front of Paris. Above all, New York appears by far to be the most expensive place to park in the world. On average, you have to spend 43 euros to be entitled to two hours of parking! This is almost twice as expensive as in Sydney, the second most expensive city in the world in terms of parking! However, who has ever been to New York quickly realizes that driving there in a personal car is not really the best idea.

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43 euros for two hours of parking in New York City

New York thus largely beats Paris, where it is ultimately four times cheaper to park. Should we deduce that the Parisians are not so badly off after all? Not quite, since this study only takes into consideration the price of parking. On the other hand, the salary level is much highest in the United Statesespecially in New York, than in France.

And if poverty is also more present in New York than in Paris, car owners in the American city certainly have more means to afford such an expensive parking space. It’s all about measurement. A small exception also appears in the classification of : Moscow. It is indeed the only city in the top 10 not to be located in an Anglo-Saxon country.

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