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Peugeot Inception concept car: the presentation date is known!

The future Peugeot Inception concept car will be officially unveiled on January 5, 2023, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

While visitors to the last Paris Motor Show 2022 expected to discover a new concept car from the lion brand, it was not the case. Indeed, the Sochaux manufacturer is preparing a brand new concept car, called Peugeot Inceptionand it was even announced at the opening of the Paris show by Linda Jackson, the new boss of Peugeot.

However, we will still have to wait some time to discover it in detail, since its presentation has been postponed to a later date… We now have the official date for the unveiling of the Peugeot Inception concept: this event will be held on January 5, 2023as part of the Consumer Electronics Showthe famous CES show in Las Vegas… In the United States!

Peugeot Inception: it foreshadows future Peugeot models

This Peugeot Inception concept is important for the French brand, since it will mark the beginning of a new era: indeed, we will discover a foretaste of what will be the future models of the latest generation from Peugeot, which will all be 100% electric from 2030 in Europe. In particular, it will show how the Peugeot brand will take advantage of new generation native electric platforms to “reinventing the entire automotive experience”.

Peugeot remains, for the moment, stingy with information and images: while waiting to be able to discover this new concept car, the Sochaux firm announces that the Peugeot Inception concept “will transform the design of the brand, while reinforcing its most typical features, a feline posture and light signatures with three claws”. This model, like the brand’s future series productions, will be based on a new platform of the Stellantis groupdesigned natively to accommodate 100% electric engines.

Peugeot Inception: a new generation i-Cockpit interior

Ten years ago, Peugeot revolutionized the ergonomics of the driving position, with the market launch of the famous Peugeot i-Cockpit, which was found for the first time on the first generation Peugeot 208, acclaimed for its unique driving experience.

The Peugeot Inception concept will give us a glimpse of the future generation of this i-Cockpitwhich already promises to “new digital and physical experiences” : indeed, it will prefigure the functionalities and the technology that will be found on the future Peugeots, which will see the light of day from 2025. The new technical platform of Stellantis will make it possible to reconfigure the interior space, to offer a whole new experience for users.

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Peugeot Inception: a presentation at the CES 2023 show in Las Vegas

The Peugeot Inception concept car will have its world premiere on Thursday, January 5, 2023live from Las Vegas CES, from 11 p.m. (French time). The following morning, Friday 6 January, Peugeot will hold a digital presentation called “Peugeot Brand Forward”, which will be an opportunity to find out more about the future of the brand.

The most important event devoted to technological innovation in consumer electronics, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is an opportunity to discover all the latest technological innovations. In recent years, many car manufacturers have made the trip, because their latest models are real jewels of technology, which they wish to highlight.

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