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Recharging this electric Hummer can empty your wallet!

Are electric cars more economical than gasoline cars? This electric Hummer is proof that that’s not always the case.

On average, recharging an electric car tends to cost less than refueling a thermal vehicle. According EDFrecharging an electric model requires paying on average between €1.5 and €4 for 100 kilometers. Much cheaper than filling a tank of gas, which costs on average between €6 and €9 for the same distance.

So certainly, the cost of recharging is obviously not the same depending on the fuel consumption of the vehicle. It also varies according to the electrical terminal used. Also, recharging your vehicle during off-peak hours can significantly lower the bill. But prices will never explode beyond those of gasoline. Still, there are always exceptions. And the GMC Hummer EV Pickup is just the proof!

The GMC Hummer EV Pickup costs 100 euros for a recharge!

The GMC Hummer EV Pickup is very, very far from saving money. An American youtube channel, Out Of Spec Reviews, also had fun trying to fully recharge this model. Well it turned out that the full charge cost 100 euros… An absolutely maddening sum for an electric vehicle! The time required for recharging is also quite high, since it makes you wait two and a half hours!

So, it seems like you really shouldn’t get an electric Hummer if the goal is to save money on gas bills. A priori, it is quite the opposite that is likely to happen. However, this conclusion must be put into perspective: this Hummer actually has a 205 kWh battery. That’s almost more than double most other electric pickups! So inevitably, filling the battery to 100% of its capacity can be quite an expensive undertaking.

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The most powerful electric pick-up in its range

Truth be told, this electric Hummer is an exception in the landscape of electric cars, and even in the segment of electric pickups. By comparison, the Ford F150 Lightning, which is already a rather powerful vehicle, has a 98 kWh battery. The GMC Hummer in question here is equipped witha 1,000 horsepower tri-motor. In total, it has a range of 530 kilometers on a full charge.

With all these figures in mind, it is now much easier to compare the price required to recharge this Hummer with the average electric vehicle. If it takes 100 euros for a full recharge and this model has a range of 530 kilometers, then the charge costs approximately 20 euros for 100 kilometers. That is more than four times more expensive than the average! The conclusion is clear: the GMC Hummer EV pickup is really not made to save money or energy!

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