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The turbo of his Range Rover falls HS at only 85,500 km!

“€2,484 paid for a turbo out of order at 85,500 km! Michel V., one of our readers, is mad with rage against Land Rover, a premium brand.

Michel V. does not admit that Land Rover refuses to participate in the repairs of his Range Rover. This contempt calls into question its loyalty to the brand.

Spring 2016 is an opportunity for Michel V., a reader ofAutoPlus, who lives in Génelard (71), to have fun. He thus decides to place an order for a Range Rover Evoque TD4 180 brand new. This British SUV enchants Michel until last spring. As he drives quietly on a small country road, he hears a rather loud whistle. At the same time, his car suddenly lacks power. He goes to the nearest mechanic, who suspects a turbo problem, and advises him to drop off his Evoque at the Land Rover representative in the region. Which is immediately done.

Quality, on paper

The dealer then carried out a proper diagnosis and came to the same conclusion as his colleague: the turbo must be replaced. To do this, a quote in the amount of 2 484 € is established. At the same time, a support request is sent to Land Rover France, our reader considering that the age and mileage of his SUV do not justify such a breakdown. But the brand refuses any commercial gesture, supposedly in order to respect the directives of the parent company. The incident legitimately makes Michel doubt the reliability of the Land Rovers and the quality of service of the brand, which nevertheless claims to pay great attention to its customers. However, this refusal does not discourage Michel: he wants to be reimbursed!

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Our defense strategy

Admittedly, the Range Rover Evoque of Michel is not of first youth, which does not allow him to claim a total reimbursement of the invoice. However, based on the scale of our experts, taking into account the perfect respect of the maintenance plan of the manufacturer and considering the age and the mileage of the car of our reader, the latter can reasonably expect that Land Rover pays 40% of the amount it has paidi.e., precisely, 994 €.

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