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Video: A trailer hits the windshield!

In rainy weather, taking the car can be dangerous. We must avoid aquaplaning, for example, with less visibility, because of the large drops that fall on our windshield. The behavior of others motorists can also leave something to be desired in many respects. Some slow down, others speed up and put themselves in danger. But in the video we are going to talk about today, the bus driver in question could not have expected such a mishap… A trailer came to lodge in his windshield almost hit him in the face!

An uncontrollable trailer

While traveling on the parallel track, in the opposite direction, a motorist saw his trailer get wrecked. Indeed, the cable being supposed to tow its cargo at the rear was much too loose. As a result, she went to fit into the windshield of a poor bus driver, which was shattered into a thousand pieces. The victim of the accident was also injured in the nose and is bleeding…

The consequences could have been much more dramatic if the trailer had hit the driver or the passengers.

The scene was filmed by the surveillance camera of the bus and seems taken from a road safety spot. Remember that having a trailer involves risks and that rules must be strictly applied in order to avoid causing any accidents. Sanctions will obviously be imposed on offenders.

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Internet users are in shock

Posted on Reddit by KurwuSiteejs, the video makes it possible to measure the extent of the damage. The community has published many comments and the reactions are unanimous concerning the luck that the bus driver had:

“Fortunately he was in a large vehicle. » or “They forgot the 60/40 rule which prevents these kinds of accidents. You have to put the heaviest weight up front.” or “It feels like being in the movie Final Destination! »

And you? Do you think this bus driver narrowly escaped sudden death?

Trailer + Idiot = Ruined day for others from IdiotsInCars

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