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Video: Duel between an Audi SQ7 and A1 on snow: who wins?

Between a 4-wheel drive Audi SQ7 and a modest two-wheel drive Audi A1, which is the most effective for tackling a snowy slope? Can David beat Goliath? Answer in a surprising video!

In this drag race, a small 110 horsepower Audi A1 must face a AudiSQ7 with more than 500 horsepower. On a classic track, the case would quickly be folded and the most powerful would largely win. But this very special race takes place on a totally snowy slope and the cards are therefore reshuffled!

Important difference

At first glance, one might think that the Audi SQ7 with its 4 wheel drive would still be more at ease in this confrontation than the two-wheel drive Audi A1. Except that the large SUV must deal with a mass much greater than the small city car twice as light. But it is above all the pneumatic mount who will have an influence on this confrontation.

Disabling summer tires

For the first round, the Audi SQ7 is going on summer tyres, while the Audi A1 benefits from winter tires. Obviously, despite only two-wheel drive, the small city car easily manages to reach the finish. Worse, the Audi SQ7 stopped halfway before rolling down the slope in reverse to finish in the mosses. What more to prove the importance of winter tires in winter conditions!

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4WD Advantage

For the rest of the festivities, the Audi SQ7 was entitled to four snow tires. And there, of course, the small A1 less powerful and with only two driving wheels couldn’t do anything: the SQ7 crossed the finish line in first position. Note that on winter tires, the two participants reached the top of the completely snow-covered slope. The difference was however made on the speed of execution and the SQ7 also took the advantage in the most inclined parts where the A1 remained blocked.

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