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Video: He drives a wrecked Nissan Almera on the highway!

Without his four wheels and at the wheel of his totally destroyed Nissan Almera, this man drives dangerously on the highway. Was he going straight to the scrapyard?

Funny scenes like this do not happen every day on the networks. A man drove at the wheel of a Nissan Almera on the highway. So far so good. But on approaching the vehicle, motorists noticed that this car did not have all its wheels and that a good part of the body was in a pitiful state. But the individual did not seem to be bothered by this situation.

In relaxation!

A motorist crossed a sacred phenomenon on the highway. On a four way where traffic seemed to be flowing, a driver in the second lane from the right caught the eye! In effect, his vehicle, or rather his scrap heap, rolled on three wheels and a rim. Hazard lights on, window down and arm out in the open, everything was fine in this man’s head. Looking closer, we can even see that the bumper rear was missing. Dangerous driving, which does not seem to disturb this steering wheel UFO.

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Risk of accident

Most the most crazy yet to come! Arrived at the height of this strange driver, the camera showed the absence of the front bumper of the Nissan Almera. Also analyzing the jantehalf was consumed and the car was slipping just what was left. A funny scene at first sight but which shows the dangerousness of this man. Focused on his handling, he seemed determined to finish his journey. You can also see a truck transport on doubler… over there right ! We can now advise this Nissan and its owner to end their journey in the garage… or scrapped!

Discover in video below this three-wheeled car or rather what’s left of it…

How long does he drive like this? from IdiotsInCars

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