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Video: He explodes his McLaren 570 on a poor road!

At 220 km/h at the wheel of his McLaren 570, he didn’t expect to destroy his car on this road…in poor condition!

Content creator and photographer Vlad Shurigin, known as Zuumy on Instagram, posted an intriguing video. Driving a McLarenhe fell on a road in total decay. Over 200 km/h, the vehicle’s bumper was completely destroyed. If the speed was high, no one expected to come across this kind of road… in poor condition. Caution and vigilance are recommended for the next time!


Zumy often drives impressive supercars and shares his photos on his networks To our greatest delight. This time it’s driving a McLaren 570 that he pushed the twin-turbo V8. On the video, he follows one of his friends on a road with no one around. But one detail will quickly catch our attention. On board camera, we see that the road is in very poor condition. After the passage of his colleague on a portion very damaged, debris fly in all directions and the McLaren does not escape the accident. Zuumy is forced to stop to see the damage. A piece of road was missing, a gaping hole! And to 220 km/hthe supercar saw his front bumper go up in smoke!

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One wonders why this road has not been maintained! The authorities put their citizens in real danger. Fortunately, no one was injured in this accident. Zuumy took the liberty of taking a photo, both feet in the front luggage compartment. With one less bumper and a completely destroyed underbody, the man becomes one with his vehicle. After watching the video and observing the damage, we wonder how the windshield did not explode. A chance for the pilot!

Discover in video how this McLaren ended up in poor condition:

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