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Video: He misses his niche and destroys his garage!

This poor motorist demolished his garage by missing his slot to return home!

This motorist was either in a hurry or completely tipsy when he got home. Result, he destroyed a pole of his shelter leading to garage ! The consequences could have been disastrous if the entire building had collapsed on the roof of his car. More fear than harm, only the bonnet of his vehicle gave up the ghost.

The car ends up stuck in the garage

Imagine yourself in his place. You create a shelter in front of your garage to protect your car and… you destroy it trying to park under it! It’s still a shame, isn’t it?

Full of self-mockery, the motorist in question published his dumpling on social networks. He indicates in particular that his shelter had done its job so far, watching over his vehicle, against hail, rain and sun.

Let’s hope in all that he will have learned the lesson and that he will not try complex maneuvers when he returns drunk from the evening. And you? Have you ever had the wrong parking lot on your way home and destroyed part of your house?

Be that as it may, know that to err is human and that no one is immune to going off the road. We have all already driven under the influence of fatigue, nervousness or other… The assurances are generally accommodating and help you with repairs if you have an accident alone. If you want the work to be taken care of by your company, you must contact them quickly. You will then have to write a declaration of loss!

Know that if you bump against your garage alone, you are liable. A malus will impact your future contributions and the coefficient serving as the basis for calculating the amount of the insurance premium will be increased by 25%.

Additionally, a franchise will be at your expense during the repairs! As a general rule, the amount of this deductible is between €150 and €400.

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The laughing stock of the web

On Reddit, where the video was posted by 1yearofservicethe comments are mocking vis-à-vis this driverrather awkward:

“Let’s be honest, this pole attacked the driver by surprise! or “Just take a big hammer and hit it the other way to fix everything!” » or “I loved the perseverance of the guy who destroys his car but still parks under his shelter! »

It’s me… I’m the idiot… from IdiotsInCars

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