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Audi R8: it plays extra time

While it was to disappear at the end of 2023, the Audi R8 sees its career extended for a few more months. Good news, as the limited edition of the R8 Coupe V10 GT RWD was presented a few weeks ago.

This is good newsat a time when we learn every morning of the programmed disappearance of a model that is dear to us. The Audi R8 will still be with us for a few months! Launched in 2007 for its first generation, the R8 was a proposal of very successful supercar. Knowing that it came from a manufacturer for the least unusual: Audi. Although historically present in competition, the brand had never invested in this niche in the past. Already because within the Volkswagen group, it is above all Porsche and Lamborghini which were priority. Then because Audi, as a premium manufacturer, offered more sedans or statutory SUVs. The TT, the RS4 or the A8 W12 however showed that the manufacturer was perfectly suited to offer such a sports house.

An amazing supercar

Arrival in 2015, the second generation (which is actually more of a facelift) took up the general look. To make it squarer, more incisive, sharper. It has since continued on its merry way, regularly declining in special series or limited editions. Note that a discoverable version Spyder had been marketed since 2008 in parallel with the coupé. Latest, the R8 Coupé V10 GT RWD. Limited to 333 copies, it’s an even more radical version than the mainstream R8. It came out of elements and exclusive features. It is also this new version that has forced the manufacturer to extend the career of its supercar for a few additional months.

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She was originally supposed to leave the scene at the end of 2023. To leave the field open in the Böllinger Höfe factory to other models of the group. And with Audi electrificationthese are essential models for the future of the range, which require a sustained production rate. The information is not yet final, but it could be future Audi A6 and A4 e-tron, 100% electric. The R8 is therefore resisting until 2024, but its future remains just as uncertain. No replacement is planned for the moment, the projects being for the time being cannibalized precisely by Porsche and Lamborghini. She could come back in a few years in 100% electric, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Sometimes you have to enjoy the present moment and savor the good things, and this news from Audi is one of them!

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