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Black Friday 2023: what are the offers from manufacturers?

While the budget of motorists is put to the test, Black Friday 2023 is an opportunity to take advantage of great promotions: here are the different offers on offer!

An American commercial tradition following Thanksgiving, which has since spread throughout the world, the Black Friday 2023 is an opportunity for professionals to launch the period of end-of-year purchases, with numerous discounts.

In a context where the budget of motorists is put to the test, the automotive market also takes advantage of Black Friday to attract customers to dealerships or to their websites: here are the different offers offered by manufacturers!

Black Friday 2023: many discounts

Until November 26, Opel offers exceptional offers on the occasion of Black Friday: they take the form of a discount for any purchase of a vehicle in stock, up to €3,000 in customer benefits on Corsa-e and Astra, €3,200 on Combo- e Life, €3,300 on Mokka-e, €3,500 on Corsa and Astra Rechargeable Hybrid, €4,500 on Mokka, €4,700 on Zafira-e Life and Vivaro-e Combi, €5,200 on Grandland, €5,500 on Crossland, and up to at 6,200 € on the Grandland Plug-in Hybrid.

Chez PeugeotBlack Friday lasts until November 30, with exceptional discounts on vehicles in stock on its Peugeot Store website: additional discounts range from €800 to €1,000 on a large majority of models in the lion range, including the new Peugeot 408, but also the 208, 308, 2008, 3008, 5008 and 508.

Black Friday 2023: promotions from manufacturers

Until November 28, Toyota also offers interesting discounts for Black Friday, valid on its new Aygo X available in stock: the Black Friday offer is available from €99 per month for an Aygo X Dynamic, maintenance included and subject to take-back, for a LOA or LLD of 37 months.

If the manufacturers do not all offer tempting offers on the sale of vehicles, some still offer discounts on the sale of services and accessories: at BMW and Mini, connected services, for example, benefit from a 20% discount. At the house of Aramis AutoBlack Friday is also an opportunity to offer many discounts on used vehicles.

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Black Friday 2023: discounts for electricity

Electric vehicles are not left out, and equipment manufacturers offer discounts on charging stations: for example, at Wallboxdomestic charging stations, such as the Pulsar Plus, are displayed with a 15% discount.

Chez Engie Green Mobility, a €200 discount for the installation of a charging station is offered until December 31, with the promo code “MONDIAL200”. The website “The Mobility House” also offers discounts on cables and charging stationssuch as the EVBox Elvi 11 kW offered at -46%.

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