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Electric vehicles: what are the forecasts for 2023?

Is 2023 the right year to take the electric leap? Technologies, evolution of the ecological bonus, several factors come into play.

Since the European Commission acted the end of thermal vehicles for 2035more and more motorists are turning to the electric. Using life-saving arguments, good for the planet, highlighted recently with the fuel shortage we are facing at the end of the year, the electric vehicles have good backs. However, theyear 2023 will it be the right one to go electric? What is the market forecast for next year?

Reduced ecological bonus

From the start, let’s put our feet in the dish. As we are asked to move on – almost without giving us the choice – to zero-emission vehicleshere we are being lowered ecological bonus. Already that the latter works in stages, depending on the price of the new model, we must face in parallel an increase in the price of electric vehicles.

In other words, the bonus maximal currently at 7000 € until December 31, 2022 will change to 6000 €provided that the vehicle is sold less than €47,000. For a vehicle sold between €47,000 and €60,000the bonus drops to 2000 €. Beyond €60,000, don’t count on any state aid.
However, a new electric vehicle that offers the maximum bonus corresponds in the vast majority of cases to a city car or to a few rare compacts. A vehicle that does not adapt to the needs of all, families in mind. Not to mention smaller capacity batteries with necessarily lower autonomy.

A Tesla Model 3, meanwhile, continues to see its prices reassessed on the rise. Sold for around €40,000 at the start of its entry-level career, this same model is trading today for more than €50,000. And this upward price trend is valid for most manufacturers.

Fortunately, the conversion bonus reinforces the potential ecological bonus to which you may be entitled. History to reduce the bill a little. But despite everything, the addition remains salty. Much more than for a thermal equivalent.

The promise of Asian manufacturers

Nevertheless, the pessimistic discourse may be counterbalanced by the offensive of Asian manufacturers. Brands that are still little known in France that arrive head-on with one objective: to cut prices. Therefore, these neo-manufacturers would have a serious card to play in the electric car sector. The recent Mondial de l’Auto, Porte de Versailles in Paris, is proof of this.

VinFastthe group Great Wall Motors or even the Chinese giant BYD… so many brands that arrive with plethora of electric models in their boxes. We also mention the brand MGhistorically British and now Chinese, which offers an increasingly extensive range with different body types (compact, break or even SUV).

It is clear that the arrival of these Asian brands is good. Already because some models turn out to be pleasant surprises behind the wheel, such as the recent MG4. Then because the prices pulled down of these brands that want settle on the Old Continent will inevitably have an impact on other generalist manufacturers.

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The infrastructure problem

If we assume that the sales figures for electric vehicles are in the green, that the prices appear reasonable for the majority of French people, remains a crucial point. A point that touches and will touch everyone. It doesn’t matter which model you drive. That of infrastructures.

We already told you about it on Auto Plus, but the network of charging stations is lagging behind. The latest ACEA reports echo the number of terminals that we should install each week. If these announce some 14,000 terminal installations per weekin reality, the figure drops to 2000. In practice, this results in missing charging stations. Insufficient to sustain users (and especially future users) of electric vehicles.

In addition, beyond the delay in the multiplication of charging points is added network inequality. And divide between urban and rural areas which becomes deeper when you see the current distribution charging stations on the territory. However, we are not telling you anything, it is precisely in rural areas that the automobile is more essential than ever. Not counting the distances much longer to cover than in town.

In short, if the horizon tends to gradually brighten with regard to the democratization of electric vehicles, the majority of the lights for this coming year 2023 remain red…

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