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Production of electric cars: should we fear layoffs?

While the boss of Ford declares that the production of electric cars requires less manpower, are layoffs to be expected?

Today, the electric car market continues to grow, while its market share has increased significantly over the years. Currently, this is indeed 13% compared to only 7% in 2021. An increase that we owe, among other things, to financial incentives such as the ecological bonus, but also to more restrictive measures, such as ZFE. Not to mention of course the increasingly vast and varied offer, and the improvement of the network of charging stations. In short, so many elements that explain the rise of this type of motorization. And if this of course requires many investments for manufacturers, it also has a certain advantage and would ultimately allow them to save money. In any case, this is what the boss of Ford says.

Less labor

A few days ago, Jim Farley indeed held a conference in Detroit. Many subjects were obviously mentioned there, but one in particular was talked about. Indeed, the leader returned to the development of the electric car and affirmed that the production of these models requires 40% less labor compared to thermal vehicles. A huge difference therefore, who could worry. Does he indeed expect a wave of layoffs over the next few years? Well not necessarily, on the contrary. Indeed, the boss of the American brand for his part declared that he did not plan in any case to reduce the workforce of the company. Indeed, he then underlined to our colleagues from the Financial Times that “ we must resort to internalization so that everyone has a role in this growth“. There is therefore no question of outsourcing production to other companies, but rather of positioning employees in other positions.

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other needs

Indeed, the development and production of electric cars require other skills and investments. Although they require far fewer parts compared to a conventional thermal vehicle, it is indeed necessary to design and manufacture batteries as well as specific electrical systems. And for that, of course, you need employees. Rather than destroying jobs, the rise of zero-emission vehicles should rather create new ones, although very different ones. However, it remains to ensure that relocation is limited, as more and more models are currently made in China…

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