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Stellantis wants to produce affordable electric vehicles in India

Carlos Tavares, head of Stellantis, indicates that the production of affordable electric vehicles in Europe is not profitable and plans to produce in India!

Stellar is very interested in a rapprochement with India, with a view to producing inexpensive electric vehicles. On Wednesday, November 25, the group’s general manager Carlos Tavares made a few statements during a round table with the press.

A partnership with India to build affordable electric vehicles

“So far, Europe is unable to manufacture affordable electric vehicles. The big opportunity for India would therefore be to be able to sell compact electric cars at an affordable price, while preserving profitability,” he said. If the country is indeed able to meet the car group’s quality and cost targets by the end of 2023, the group will be able to export electric vehicles for other markets.

The group, which owns around fifteen brands, is investing heavily in electricity. But at the moment, the production of these new vehicles is expensive and not yet financially profitable. Carlos Tavares indicates however that nothing has yet been recorded even if the discussions are progressing.

China, a major electric player

If manufacturers want to bring prices down, it is essential to choose a country with a very affordable labor cost, and even more so for electric models. This is particularly the case of Dacia, which produces the Spring in China for example, in Shiyan in the province of Hubei.

“There is growing tension between China and the Western world. This is going to have an impact on trade. The power that is best placed to take advantage of this opportunity is obviously India,” said Carlos Tavares.

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India, where Stellantis distributes its Jeep and Citroën brands, accounts for only a fraction of the automaker’s global sales but the leader said the group was not chasing volumes but rather looking to grow slowly and steadily there. profitable.

Stellantis plans to launch its first electric vehicle in the country, a version of the Citroën C3, early next year.

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