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Toyota Gazoo Racing: everything for sport!

With its sporty GR label launched in 2015, Toyota has gone against current trends. The radical and fun little sports cars of “Gazoo Racing” are here to show the world that accessible sports cars still have a future!

Who would have thought 20 years ago that Toyota would be the next master of sports cars ? The Japanese manufacturer, which arrived in Europe via the United Kingdom in the 1980s, had formerly rather confidential sales with us. A situation that is of course attributable to our many national manufacturers, as well as those of our European neighbors. Previously seen as an accessible brand, pragmaticit was originally a choice more reason than passion. But gradually the brand has acquired sympathy, and is now back in the collective consciousness. With us, the arrival of the Yaris in 1999 (and now also Yaris Cross) on the assembly lines of Onnaing (59) has also contributed to making this manufacturer more local, “less Japanese” than before.

A quasi-European manufacturer

It’s also his major stylistic and technological change which made the brand rise in Europe, and in France. Ten years ago, we wondered who was going to be able to buy these models. To bevelled, divisive, and tasteless forms, let’s say it. Since then, the manufacturer has “Europeanized” its design and developed a truly cohesive line of models. Hybrid Champion, he succeeded in democratizing this technology. By personifying it in finally sexy modelsand the quality perceived better than before.

Efforts that paid off, since the brand rose in 2021 to the sixth place in France in the manufacturer ranking ! From January to October 2022, the Yaris was also the first foreign model sold in France (excluding the European Fiat 500, all other models are French). It’s through a third lever that Toyota has managed to establish its reputation even further: the sport.

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Toyota Gazoo Racing: the latest accessible sports cars

Toyota and sport are not new. Involved in Formula 1 and rallywe owe him in the past sports models whose names have already gone down in legend. Supra, Celica, MR2 to recite nobody else but them. Without forgetting the sublimeLexus LFA, marketed from 2010 to 2012. Toyota has understood the importance of capitalizing on sport and on its victories in competition. To better arouse emotion with regard to its cars. The manufacturer has thus created in 2015 its label Gazoo Racing or GR, for styling its models with sports versions !

In 2017, the Yaris was transformed into a bombinette of character in a version GRMN (limited), first creation under this label! Since then there have been Supra, GR86 and especially the Yaris GR. One of latest small accessible sports of the market. The GTi, RS, ST have all deserted the niche, and Toyota jumped into the breach. With an ambition and an assumed GR product plan, Toyota wants to show the world that enthusiast cars still exist!

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