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Video: Incredible crash on the Macau circuit!

Dozens of racing cars got tangled on top of each other blocking the entire circuit! Even the safety car no longer knew how to pass to stop the race!

Macau is renowned for being one of the most difficult and dangerous circuits in motorsport. And for good reason, it is an urban layout zigzagging between the different buildings of the city, just like the famous Monaco Grand Prix. On the 6.2 kilometers of the circuit and its 19 bends, clearance zones are simply non-existent. Results, at the slightest fault, it is the insured accident!

GTs completely blocked

The circuit being so particular is difficult, the videos of accidents more spectacular than the others follow one another over the years. Today, it is the GTs that pay the price… As can be seen in the video below, the collision between a Porsche 911 GT3 and another Mercedes AMG GT competitor created a huge pileup blocking the entire width of the circuit and therefore the entire race!

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Never seen ! Except in Macau…

From this accident in question result images that are spectacular to say the least! An Audi R8 GT3, for example, ended up on the roof of another car! This impressive pileup logically forced the race management to issue the red flag and stop the event. And for good reason, even the safety car couldn’t pass! Unheard of in motor racing, except in Macau…

Discover in video this spectacular accident which occurred in Macau below:

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