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Opel Astra-e vs Peugeot E-308: the game of 7 differences

Opel has just presented its 100% electric version of its compact sedan, the Astra. Here are the common points and the differences with the Peugeot E-308!

Chez Stellar, the electrification plan is at work for all brands. After the presentation of thePeugeot E-308 last September, here is now theOpel Astra-e who enters.

As a reminder, the two vehicles are very similar since they share the same platform – a specific version allowing to accommodate a 54 kWh battery. Just like their thermal counterparts, the two cars have an internal structure and a passenger compartment arranged almost in the same way, making the two cars almost (too) close. This summer, we were also able to compare the two models in plug-in hybrid version 180 (PHEV) on video to discover here.

With the arrival of the electric version of the Astra, the differences are once again tenuous between these two models. Here are the detailed technical characteristics!

Design and style: an E badge and new rims

At Peugeot, the electric version of the 308 brings meager aesthetic novelties compared to the thermal version. We thus find of all new 18″ rims, specially developed for the electric version. Electric models are badged « E-308 » in back.

For the Opel Astra-e, it’s the same. The German manufacturer makes almost no extra effort to stand out from the thermal range. Only the addition of specific rims and one badge « E » on the tailgate of the Astra, inscribed to the right of the model name, is noteworthy.

Interior, finish and trunk: some styling differences

The interior does not change with respect to the thermal versions. Inside the French, we still find an architecture with the i-Cockpit and the small steering wheel. The finish is, in turn, very good and still a notch above the German. There are two 10-inch screens with the famous band of configurable shortcuts that allows you to keep frequently used functions close at hand.

For the Astra-e, Opel always does a more consensual set, like the thermal version. But if the set is more classic, some materials are disappointing and the use of plastic is more present. There are two screens joined in a band, the famous ” Pure Panel from the German manufacturer. Unlike its French cousin, the Astra-e does have a head-up display.

At the rear, no differences. For now, trunk volume data is not yet known. On the thermal versions, the data was quite similar. On the 308 side, we have 608 L for the thermal station wagon, and 548 L for the rechargeable hybrid. On the Astra, we have 597 L for the thermal station wagon, and 516 L for the plug-in hybrid.

Motorization, battery, autonomy: the same electrical unit

Finally, on the engine side, the differences are also very small. The two cousins ​​make common platforms – it was already the case – and now also common voltage.

Both cars have the same engine. 115 kW (156 horsepower) electric which delivers a torque of 270 Nm. It is powered by a 54 kWh lithium-ion battery and the announced autonomy diverges by a few kilometers (416 km for the German against 400 km for the French). The 54 kWh battery is ultra modern and offers a specific NMC type composition with: 80% Nickel, 10% Manganese and 10% Cobalt. The latter operates at 400 volts.

Here are the known characteristics at the moment:

Opel Astra-e Peugeot E-308
Battery 54 kWh 54 kWh
WLTP autonomy 416 km 400 km
Consumption WLTP mixed cycle 14,9 kWh/100km 12,7 kWh / 100 km
Engine power 156 ch 156 ch
Couple 270 Nm 270 Nm
Type de transmission Traction Traction

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So here we have two cars which, like their thermal counterparts, provide an almost identical copy on paper. Only a few data are missing, such as the trunk volume, the actual autonomy or even the weight of both vehicles. Only a visit to the AutoPlus lab will make it possible to decide between the two models more precisely, before a future road comparison!

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