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Fuel: he steals more than 4,000 liters from his former boss

In Provence, a man was arrested and convicted after stealing more than 4,000 liters of fuel from his former employer.

Times have been tough for a few months now. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, the price of fuel has always been very high in France and throughout the rest of Europe. A very difficult situation for everyone, especially those who have to take their car every day to get to their place of work. And if the government wants to put in place a little help for the latter, it should not be enough to compensate for the incredible price increase. Currently, it takes more than €1.70 for a liter of unleaded, although it exceeds two euros in some service stations. Enough to push some to act in a very unsavory way, while fuel thefts have been increasing in recent months.

Several recurrences

This is precisely what we are talking about today. In a few months, Adil, 29, allegedly stole more than 4,000 liters of fuel from his former employer. Indeed, he had worked until then as a bus driver for the company Keolis Trans-Azur, based in Salon-de-Provence in the Bouches-du-Rhône. On the night of March 11 to 12, the police searched the car and the home of the accused, concerning a first theft of fuel. This did not prevent the main interested party from starting again, since a few months later, the company reported a second theft, then another of 800 liters. Finally, a last mischief of 3,000 liters had also been reported by the company to the police, for damages estimated at more than €6,000.

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A heavy sentence

Finally, after a short investigation, the thief was quickly identified, his phone still bound near the place of the theft. If the latter tried to justify himself by explaining his flights by the current situation, this was not enough to convince the judge. The accused was therefore sentenced to a heavy six month prison sentence and a €6,000 fine. The whole thing was also accompanied by a probationary suspension of five years. And needless to say, he was also fired from his job, which shouldn’t really surprise you….

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