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ZFE Toulouse: polluting cars will be able to drive on one condition

A derogation will be put in place in the ZFE of Toulouse, allowing certain owners of polluting cars to circulate.

Like Paris, many other cities in France have decided to set up ZFEs (low emission zones). The goal ? Ban the most polluting cars, based on their Crit’Air sticker, which then only takes into account the year of registration. The older the car, the higher the number. If the government foresees that in the long term, all the big cities will become EPZs, only a handful of them are for the moment. Toulouse is notably one of them, while the municipality already prohibits cars with a Crit’Air 4 and 5 sticker. Of course, this rule should become even stricter over the next few years. Nevertheless, the council of the metropolis could put in place a new measure.

✅Only vehicles equipped with a CRIT’AIR sticker 0, 1, 2 or 3 will be authorized to drive in the event of a peak in #pollution in the Bordeaux metropolis

– Prefect of New Aquitaine and Gironde (@PrefAquitaine33) August 29, 2022

Good news

Indeed, and as La Dépêche du Midi explains, it is rumored thatan exemption could be put in place for the most polluting cars. Vehicles with stickers normally banned from the ZFE could then be able to circulate in the city for 52 days each year. It’s not much, but it should however make the pill go better for the owners concerned. This solution should therefore concern small rollers in particular, and would already exist in other large cities, as explained by François Chollet, vice-president in charge of the ZFE ” Brussels grants eight days of derogation, Strasbourg 12 days, Lyon does like us. The State leaves us a certain latitude. It seems reasonable to us« .

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some constraint

Although the contours of this regulation have not yet been detailed, it is said that the motorists concerned will have to complete a waiver request before each outing. This should then be done online, but nothing has yet been specified on the response time. Because it will require some organization for the drivers. The certificate will then have to be shown to the police in the event of an inspection. On the other hand, it should be a little more complicated when the verbalizations will be done by cameras… it remains to be seen how the municipality will proceed at that time.

Source: La Dépêche du Midi

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