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An entire Datsun Z collection sold at auction!

Since December 5, an entire collection of six Datsun Zs has been auctioned on the Bring a Trailer site.

New auctions continue this week. Among the most interesting of the moment was notably an entire collection of Datsun Z. These are mythical Japanese models from the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. Now defunct, the Datsun brand nevertheless marked the spirits of the automotive world. The manufacturer was well known for its rather mid-range vehicles, but not only!

Datsun also produced some rather interesting sports models. Less expensive than its European competitors, such as Porsche etMG Motors, the sports Datsun were no less efficient. Incidentally, the collection that was sold on Bring a Trailer is entirely made up of six of these sporty models, the Datsun Z series. The vehicles are sold separately, and only three are still on sale: a Datsun 280Z ; a 1973 Datsun 240Z ; a second Same year Datsun 240Z (auctions end tomorrow though).

A collection of six Datsun Zs for sale on Bring a Trailer

The six Datsun models sold or still for sale on Bring a Trailer are all from the Z series. three 240Z, one 260Z and two 280Z. The first three, still on sale, are certainly the most emblematic of the Japanese brand. Although designed by Datsun in the late 1960s, construction fell to Nissan – which had taken over Datsun in 1933. Produced in more than 116,000 units, the 240Z had the power of a Porsche thanks to a six engine 2.4-liter inline cylinders, which pushed them to 150 horsepower. The price, on the other hand, was two times less than the German models.

The three Datsun 240Z for sale are in perfect condition. They have of course been refurbished and benefit from technical improvements, without the original spirit of Datsun being undermined. Unlike the prices of the time, these 240Z are selling particularly expensive. One of the three, one 240Z Safari Goldwent to more than 160,000 euros ! A price that precisely rivals Porsches of the same period sold at auction.

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The price of the Datsun 240Z Golden Safari, however, is particularly high compared to the usual auctions on these vehicles. Besides, another Golden Safari had been sold five times cheaper in 2021, up to 25,000 euros. The price of the other Datsuns sold in the same collection is also closer to the usual prices: the 260Z went for 52,000 euros and one of the 2800Z for 49,500 euros.

As for the three Datsun whose sale is not yet recorded, the prices are not as high as the Golden Safari either. The second Datsun 280Z is currently estimated at 48,000 euros, while the last two 240Z should leave for 41,000 euros and 26,000 euros. Very varied prices for similar models, but an exceptional auction!

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