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ZFE: which cities oppose it?

Low Emission Zones continue to expand in France. However, some cities are even opposed to the introduction of this rule.

Low Emission Zones (ZFE) are experiencing incredible expansion in the various cities of France. And this is going to continue until minimum in 2024.

Indeed, French cities of more than 150 000 habitants will all adopt this ZFE system. Result : some models can no longer circulate.

However, some cities and towns oppose itthis regulation. This is the case of Perpignan.

Perpignan against the law

A few days ago, Xavier Baudry, elected RN of the agglomeration of Perpignan expressed his wish of a withdrawal areas subject to the ZFE, largely for passenger cars category 3.

A motion which was adopted by all elected officials, 37 votes for and 34 against.

The text Explain what :

“Perpignan’s infra- and extra-metropolitan public transport offer does not offer a real daily alternative to road users whose vehicles will be banned from circulation.

Moreover, the financial aid decided by the Government to support the acquisition of clean vehicles is still too limited. About 193,000 people could be unable to change vehicles.

In concrete terms, the owners of vehicles from Crit’Air 3 will be able to circulate freely in the agglomeration.

11 metropolises in 2022, 45 in 2025

Other cities and communes oppose this law, in the various metropolises. A Rouen for example, four municipalities oppose it, namely: Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, Mont-Saint-Aignan, Maromme and Saint-Léger-du-Bourg-Denis.

While in the metropolis of Lyon, it is the town of Oullins which refuse to set up the ZFE in conditions current.

In total, 11 metropolises have already set up a low-emission mobility zone. By 2025the 43 agglomerations of more than 150 000 habitants must have established a ZFE-m.

As a reminder, in these areas, vehicles the most polluting identified by the Crit’Air stickers 5, 4 and 3 may be subject to restrictions traffic.

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New measures concerning EPZs

Occasionally of a meeting ministerial meeting a few weeks ago on low emission mobility zones (ZFE-m), the government announced new measures.

The goal being to lutter against air pollution in agglomerations:

  • Reduce air pollution in port areas by launching experimental work with volunteer communities.
  • Support local authorities in the deployment of EPZs:
  • Gradual implementation of an automated sanction control.
  • Appointment of a single interlocutor for the agglomerations, in charge of the ZFE-m
  • Use of the “green fund” for financing and payment of proceeds from fines to local authorities.
  • Supporting households to acquire cleaner vehicles thanks to the conversion bonus increased by €1,000 when the beneficiary lives or works in a ZFE-m.
  • A zero-rate loan will be offered, from January 1, 2023, for two years of experimentation in metropolitan areas exceeding the thresholds.

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