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Cars of the week: on board the electric Abarth 500e

Abarth is launching its edgy version of the electric 500, the first stone in a range that is destined to expand… in the silence of electric motors.


Faced with the announced end of thermal minicitadines, Abarth must reinvent itself. So no more backfires characteristic of its Record Monza exhausts… First model of a shift towards electric (others will follow), here is the Abarth 500e. As its name suggests, it takes over here the electric Fiat 500. Constrained by the lack of available space, it was not possible to enlarge the batteries of this chip (43 kWh). The result is an advertised range of around 250 km, and lower power compared to the 595 and 695 thermal models (1): only 155 hp here, and this, in the sportiest of the three driving modes. Admittedly, the electric cavalry allows, on paper, more instantaneous reminders, but the 0 to 100 km/h announced at 7 seconds is nothing spectacular. It must be said that the “pot of yogurt” now weighs 1,335 kg… To give the change, the Abarth 500e is adorned with Alcantara on this Scorpionissima launch version, announced at €43,000 (excluding bonuses) all the same. Fans can console themselves with a sound generator (disconnectable), which imitates the sound of an electric guitar, or even reproduces that of the thermal Abarth. You can not stop progress…




1. 165 and 180 hp respectively.

Launch : mars 2023

Length (in m) : 3, 67

Electric motor: 155 ch

Prices : from €43,000 (2)

2. Excluding ecological bonus.


A Kangoo under tension

Renault has announced the prices of its 100% electric Kangoo E-Tech. With 90 kW (120 hp) and a 45 kWh battery, it promises 285 km of autonomy (430 km in town). Displayed from €37,500, it is placed between its main rivals, the Citroën ë-Berlingo (€36,750) and the Peugeot e-Rifter (€37,850). The first deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2023, but it will already be on trial in n°1791 ofcar plus of December 30.

An enigmatic return

Lancia formalized its return to Europe with a “conceptual” model called “Pu+Ra Zero” (for Pure, Radical and Zero emission) (since 2017, the brand was only present in Italy). The manufacturer, which aims to embody Italian luxury, has thus announced the arrival of a new Ypsilon in 2024, a flagship (the Aurelia?) in 2026 and then a Delta in 2028.


Minicitadines most registered since the beginning of the year

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