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Nissan Micra (2026): what we already know about the future cousin of the Renault 5

The Nissan Micra will have a 100% electric facelift by 2026. It will share its silhouette and its main engines with the electric Renault 5, and will be produced in the North at Renault’s ElectriCity pole. Here’s what we already know about it…

The Nissan Micraoriginally designed by Giugiaro, was presented for the first time in 1982. Since then, she has had great success in Europe and has even been elected European Car of the Year in 1993. The Micra has gone through five generations so far. The latest and current, launched in 2017, shares its platform and a large part of its components with the Clio. It is also assembled on its old lines in Flins (the Clio has migrated to Slovenia). The Current Micra is a good alternative, thanks to its unique design and its differentiating proposal. But after eight years of career, she will renew herself in 2026 in a sixth generation. The first pictures have already been unveiled by Nissan and offer a general idea of ​​what it will look like.

A cousin of the electric Renault 5

What we have known for some time now is that the future Micra will be 100% electric. It will be based on the same electric platform CMF-BEV introduced by the Electric Renault 5. The two cousins will share their silhouette as well as their engines and components. Its design is thus signed Nissan, but its design and production will be entrusted to Renault. She will produced in the North at the ElectriCity pole from Renault. Unlike R5, it was not the Douai site that was selected, but that of Maubeuge. This is where the next electric Renault 4 crossover will also come out, unveiled in concept form at the last Paris Motor Show in October 2022.

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Finally more differences

Stylistically, the two cousins ​​will therefore be very different. The Micra will play on a nice face, with circular front and rear LED signatures, to give it more gimmicks than the current generation. The rear looming in the teaser images also looks a lot like Fiat’s 500 range. Let’s hope customers aren’t too rushed! More modern, more technological and finally more differentiating than the current one, this new Nissan will mark a important turning point for the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. The one to use in 2026 until 80% of common platforms, compared to 60% at present. This in order to pool costs as well as research and development for future models of the Sino-French triad. This future CMF-BEV platform will thus be introduced in mid-2024 with the future electric R5. Offering up to 400 km rangeit should equip according to Renault 250,000 vehicles per year. With, who knows, a similar electric model for Mitsubishi in Europe, like an electric Colt?

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