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The gearbox of his Smart breaks: here is the invoice!

“An invoice of €3,179 for an HS gearbox at 78,500 km! » Steven accumulates worries with his Smart Fortwo ED, which is nevertheless well maintained!

After a traction battery replaced in 2019 and the charging cable out of service in early 2021, another problem has just appeared for Steven D., an AutoPlus reader. His gearbox just broke down! Not very reliable, its Smart…

A Smart Fortwo ED acquired in 2018

Eager to make a gesture for the planet, Steven D., from Derval (44), decided, in 2018, to go electric. His choice fell on the ED version of the Smart Fortwo Coupé. Like most electric vehicles, this little car is equipped with a single-speed automatic gearbox. A normally very reliable component, but one that has been a problem for Steven for several weeks. This one, indeed, noted the appearance of deaf whistles coming from the transmission. The dealer to whom the car is entrusted concludes that the gearbox bearings are worn.

Very limited duration of use

The only solution is to completely replace the transmission. As such, an estimate of €3,179 is established, while the dealer makes a request for support from the manufacturer. This was quickly refused, on the grounds that the mileage of the Fortwo of our drive is too high. A remark that challenges the latter, because the car only displays 78,500 km. He therefore decides to contact the customer relations department directly.

But the latter confirms the verdict issued. According to Smart, it is normal for gearbox bearings to fail this early. The repairs will therefore be entirely the responsibility of Steven. However, he does not hear it that way and decides to send us his file in order to obtain a participation.

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Our defense strategy

Steven is right: the answer of Smart has something to leave doubtful. Indeed, the life of an automatic transmission is well over 80,000 km. According to the scale of our experts, it is 250 000 km, up to 8 years. This scale also specifies that the brand must fully assume its replacement up to 5 years or 50,000 km. If the Fortwo Coupe of Steven exceeded the second term, it is all the same place to require 80% coverage.

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