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2022 report: falling sales for Renault, but rising profitability

With its crises and uncertainties, the year 2022 saw new car sales plunge by 7.8%. It is even almost double for the French leader Renault, but this drop is quite relative because the manufacturer has achieved good performance in the most promising segments.

2022, a strange year for the automobile. After a year 2020 marked by Covid, and 2021 weakened by the post-health crisis, the year that is ending has also seen its share of crises. The shortage of chips from China and cables from Ukraine thus caused a supply crisis. The order books of most manufacturers have been saturated. The deliveries were made in dribs and drabs, lack of parts. The French market thus registered a drop in registrations of 7.8% with 1,529,035 units. For comparison, this is less than in 2021 with 1,659,053 registrations. And a far cry from 2019 (last “normal” year) and its 2.2 million. In this difficult context, how did the second French manufacturer, Renault?

Leader of segment C

In registrations, the decline for the manufacturer is even greater than that of the market: -14.7% over the year. In detail, 236,405 private vehicles (PV) have been registered. Against 99,566 light commercial vehicles (LCVs). Are these figures alarming? Not really. Remember, after the fall of Carlos Ghosn and the arrival of Lucas Di Meo at the head of Renault, the diamond brand had taken a radical turn: that of prioritize the value of models over their volumes sold. Concretely, this resulted in a upscaling of the brand, a price increaseand one refocusing on retail sales (115,606 registrations, +12%), more profitable than the professional channel. The volume of sales therefore decreased, but value creation has increased.

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A relative drop in volume

In this game, Renault has thus multiplied the novelties on the most buoyant segments. Like the C segment historically dominated in France by the Peugeot 3008. The Arkana placed in the top 10 of sales (31,638 units)while the news Electric Megane E-Tech recorded 15,580 units for its first months on the market. The recently arrived Austral should contribute to this good health of the C segment. There were also the Kadjar (discontinued in 2022) and the thermal Mégane (suspended). This fall in sales is therefore entirely relative.. Renault remains leader of the VUL (28.6% market share, 99,566 registrations). For the rest, the hybrid sales (59 355, +55,8%), electric (40 430, +24,5%) et d’Alpine (2,138, +32.1%) all increased. The new value strategy, driven by the Renaulution plan begins to bear fruit. With several electric models planned for 2023 and 2024 (R4, R5, Scenic…), the year which is beginning will also be that of novelty for the second brand on the French market.

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