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Ken Block leaves behind a multi-million car collection

Ken Block was not a rally enthusiast for nothing. He leaves behind a whole collection of priceless cars!

Sudden, but not necessarily unexpected, the death of Ken Block leaves a void in the world of motorsport. Best known for his practice of extreme sports and gymkhana that for his participation in rally races, the pilot had to frequently expose himself to dangerous situations. He also died following a snowmobile trip in Utah, after a violent fall.

Ken Block’s entire life revolved around rallying and other affiliated extreme sports. He even managed to develop his own brand, Hoonigan, from which he created some unique models. Several collaborations have thus been signed with leading manufacturers, in particular Ford, Audi and Porsche. Which explains why he left behind an impressive collection of cars, each one more original than the next. And above all, which are worth together several million euros!

Ken Block had amassed an impressive collection of cars

Ken Block did not commit to rallying on the eve of his 35th birthday for nothing. Already accustomed to extreme sports, in particular skateboarding, motocross and snowboarding, he kind of forged the image of a crazy driver. Although his rally performances never peaked, he became famous for his Youtube videos. In these, he performs sliding figures and jumps with competition vehiclesmore cut out for the rally.

Beside this activity, he also developed his own motorsport team, Honnigan Racing. And with this, in addition to his sporting commitments, he was able to develop some rather wacky models. Among these is, for example, a Ford Escort Cosworth V2 from 1994, the second in Ken Block’s collection (the first had caught fire in 2018). And typically, it displays a rather incredible power of 370 horsepower!

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Ken Block had amassed an impressive collection of cars

Perhaps even more original, he had developed a personalized Ford F-150 model, the Ford F-150 Hoonitruck 1977 version. Moreover, this vehicle no longer has much to do with the original pick-up that serves as its base. Hoonigan had started from a rather humble truck, not particularly powerful, to arrive at a monster of 914 horsepower! It was also sometimes used in Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos.

In the same vein, the pilot had also tackled a Porsche model, with Porsche 911 Hoonipigasus de 2022. His most recent work, which is also certainly the craziest and most powerful of all with its 1400 horsepower. Other pieces also make up his collection, including the Audi S1 ​​Hoonitron, a Ford Bronco, a Ford F-150 Raptortrax and a Mustang GT Hoonicorn. Very crude cars, which are also worth several millions. But then, will they be sold at auction?

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