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Private radar cars: where have they flashed the most?

First tested in 2020 in the West, radar cars continue to be deployed in France, with a target set by the Government of having 400 in the territory by the end of 2023 (for a total of 5,600 radars). But then where did they flash the most?

It’s a great experiment carried out by the Government in recent years: radar carss. They are used to control speed on roads, and are deployed in selected areas and times according to the risk of accident. They are equipped with technology to read speed limit signs, and to “flash” vehicles directly. They thus operate completely autonomously without human intervention, the driver (paid by a private company) having only to provide the driving. This test phase started in 2020 primarily in the west of France, and the Government has just published the first results (already more than two years old).

More than a million checks in 2020

In details for the year 2020, 63 cars of this type have been deployed in France. There were 26 in the Normandy region, 19 in Pays de la Loire and 18 in Brittany. Since then, the Government has deployed 215 in the year 2021, in the centre, north, south-west and east of France. These measures to be extended in 2023 in the Parisian region as well as in the South-East. The regions where it is already in place will see the number of cars increase even more. The first accessible results are those for 2020 which concern the first three regions mentioned above. More than a million controls were carried out by these “outsourced control cars” as described by the Government. So, where do we flash the most in France?

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Especially on roads limited to 80 km/h.

Over this test period, it is Normandy which comes first. And more particularly the departments of Seine-Maritime and some Some. They were respectively the subject of 164,126 and 142,836 inspections in 2020, according to our colleagues from Ouest France. Next come Eure (134,068), Ille-et-Vilaine (133,721), then Calvados (123,825 inspections). Of this million checks, one thousand major speeding offenses were recorded. These are those of more than 50 km/h beyond the maximum authorized limit. Most controls have been performed on roads limited to 80 km/h, the spearhead of the Government. Checks in built-up areas or on the motorway were much rarer. This system must eventually be deployed throughout the metropolitan territory, the Government wishing to have 400 in service by the end of 2023in addition to the objective of 5,200 fixed radars (including 1,000 decoys).

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