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5 SUV 7 seats available in 2023

Despite the disappearance of traditional minivans, there are still 7-seater models on the market: station wagons, MPVs, vans and SUVs. Here are 5 7-seater SUV models available in France.

With the disappearance of traditional minivans (Scénic, Espace, C4 Spacetourer), perhaps you are having difficulty transporting your family in a vehicle spacious enough to accommodate children and luggage. So, which model should you choose to replace this once queen category? The choice, let’s say it right away, remains quite wide. There are of course the SUV 7 places as well as traditional station wagons. The derivatives of commercial vehicles, which are more commonly known as MPVs, also offer an extensive range. As the vans upper segments. 7-seater station wagons and sedans are probably not suitable if your passengers are adults. Although some versions of Tesla Model S or Mercedes station wagons claim to offer 7 seats. They generally do not offer enough space for long distances. Here is (among other things) what is currently available in 7 seats in the top category, on the SUV market.


BMW’s largest SUV, the X7 recently received a facelift to modernize its design. It is still available as standard with a third row of seats or in version 6 places available in options. It offers great comfort thanks to its extended wheelbase more than 3 meters! In 5-seater configuration, it has a 750-litre boot. And is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and is offered in petrol and diesel engines.

Kia Sorento

On the side of home Come onthe Sorento is a large family SUV with 7 seats, which offers a simple or rechargeable hybrid engine. As well as advantageous consumption on the road! With its wheelbase of 2.815 m and its boot volume of 821 litres, it offers a comfortable space for its occupants. The interior is well laid out, with digital instrumentation and a touchscreen for the driver.

Ford Explorer

Chez Fordgreat SUV Explorer is ideal for family adventures. Its 7 seats and its wheelbase of 3.025 m, make it one of the largest in its class. With a 635-litre boot in the 5-seater configuration (240 liters in the 7-seater), you have all the space you need to carry everything you need. On board, you will benefit from a modern presentation with digital instrumentation and a upright touch screen. With his adventurer look, he is also available as a plug-in hybrid.

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Skoda Kodiaq

On the side of the Volkswagen group, the grand SUV Kodiaq is the brand’s very first 7-seater Skoda. Its square silhouette and its length of 4.70 m give it large interior volumeswhich benefit the habitability to the legs and the head! It benefits from most of the engines and technologies from the Volkswagen component bank, such as the blocs diesel TDi and essence TSi as well as the gearbox double-embrayage DSG. Whose fame is second to none. If you’re looking to go straight to the source, its Volkswagen sibling, the Tiguan Allspace offers similar benefits.

Volvo XC90

The grand SUV premium XC90de Volvo offers 7 seats, and also has a 314 liter trunk in configuration. Even 721 liters in 5-seater configuration. In addition to his well thought out spaceit also offers a modern and neat interioruseful technologies and special attention to Security, Volvo obliges. It is available in essencein dieselas well as in motorization plug-in hybrid.

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