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A procession of supercars invades the streets of Birmingham!

December 31 marked a rather impressive event in Birmingham. A whole procession of supercars gathered there!

On December 31, a whole procession of supercars took place invaded some streets of Birmigham, the UK. Thus, in a few minutes, a district alone received several million euros. The drivers indeed came in Lamborghinis as well as in Rolls-Royce, the fine flower of the luxury car. A scene all the same not so rare in the United Kingdom, where the owners of luxury cars are particularly numerous (given the high proportion of inhabitants with high incomes).

However, these drivers did not end up there, in the same place, by chance. Moreover, the neighborhood where they parked does not seem particularly posh, according to the car models that usually park there. It was in fact a very special event that brought them all together on this end-of-year day: a marriage !

A wedding brings together twenty supercars in Birmingham!

In total, no less than twenty supercars rushed down St Oswalds Road, in the Small Heath district. To be more precise, the Birmingham Live lists around twenty Lamborghinis, Audis and Ferraris, which were also accompanied by 10 Rolls-Royce. They were used by friends of the bride and groom, a certain Natasha and a certain Kasim Ali. A procession of luxury cars that brought them home, before going to the place planned for the wedding.

They then headed for the « Grand Botanical Suite », located not far from home, to celebrate their wedding. Obviously, the event did not organize itself. Especially since none of the participants in this marriage was in fact the owner of these luxury vehicles. Rather they have them rented, with the help of a close friend of the groom. The idea was even quite precise. Birmingham had to be transformed into a stage resembling Fast & Furious !

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A scene worthy of Fast & Furious

In any case, this is how this same friend of the groom likes to describe this event. He thus took care of the whole organization of this procession of supercars and Rolls-Royces, seeking them from several owners and dealers spread all over the British territory. Each of the wedding guests then chose their favorite vehicle, and rented it specifically for the wedding.

A scene thus very similar to a film of Fast & Furious then took place under the eyes of the inhabitants of Birmimgham, so much so that even the local press could not ignore this marriage! It must be said that the cars that made up this procession were among the most luxurious in the world. These were in particular Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan and Urus, as well as Ferrari 488 Spiders and Pista, McLaren 720 and a Range Rover SVR. As for the Rolls-Royce, the models were divided between Phantoms and Ghosts. An Audi R8 Spyders as well as two Mercedes SLS and E63 S were also present.

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