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She takes a carpool and finds herself abandoned at night in the countryside!

When you choose to take a carpooling, you know that anything can happen. The best and the worst. If some meet friends, or even their soul mate during a trip with strangers, this user has had a rather crazy misadventure. When she wanted to go to her family to spend New Year’s Eve, she found herself In the middle of the countrysideat night, without means of transport.

This student will long remember his journey. According to France Blue, this student had decided to opt for carpooling in order to avoid SNCF strikes. But Julie, 22, took much longer than expected to arrive in her small town near Annecy. Her family, worried, wonders what she can do for so long…

While she paid for her trip 90 eurosshe falls into a car where the driver goes on speeding (she gets flashed), insults to other passengers, and route errors…

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The nightmare continues

The student confides her discomfort to the microphone of the journalists: “I really didn’t feel safe. Especially since one of the passengers in the back was completely drunk.

To make matters worse in her situation, she realizes that the address the driver entered in the GPS is located in the village of Thénac… but in a department other than her own, in the Dordogne!

The driver then didn’t want to know anything and continued on her way in the direction she had been taking from the start: ” She looked at us and told us that it didn’t matter, she was going to that Thénac, period. Too bad for us“, confirms Julie.

The student then decides to get out of the vehicle, in the countryside, in the moonlight. She spends two hours there, the time for a taxi to pick her up. She spends the night in a hotel in Bergerac and takes the train the next day to her village. She arrives at 3 p.m. and can celebrate New Year’s Eve with her loved ones.

In the end, she paid 240 euros for her trip. The driver obviously did not wish to reimburse him for the costs.

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