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The Bugatti Bolide is now available in Lego Technic!

Bugatti continues its partnership with Lego, and unveils a 31 cm long reproduction of the Bugatti Bolide as a Lego Technic kit!

If you can’t afford a Bugatti Bolidewhich is displayed at more than 4 million euros, the French manufacturer may have a solution for you… Indeed, Bugatti is continuing its partnership with Lego, and is launching a new Lego Technic kit of the Bugatti Bolide, marketed at the price of 49,99 € !

“The Lego Technic model of the Bugatti Bolide is the perfect expression of a meaningful partnership between our two brands. Bugatti is recognized around the world for its leadership: we set the bar ever higher in many areas, including design, performance and engineering. These intrinsic values ​​– which we share with the Lego Group, which is itself also considered a respected leader in its field – are perfectly embodied in the Lego Technic representation of the Bugatti Bolide”says Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International.

Bugatti Bolide Lego Technic: 905 pieces in total

Referenced under number 42151 in the Lego Technic range, the Bugatti Bolide kit includes no less than 905 pieces, and measures 31 cm long, 13 cm wide and 8 cm high. It is aimed at young and old sports car enthusiasts, from 9 years old.

We find there numerous details and functions faithful to the real modellike the scissor doors, the aero rims with low profile tires, a realistic interior with a working steering wheel, not to mention its W16 engine, which has moving pistons.

Bugatti Bolide Lego Technic: many details

We also find the Bolide’s air intakes and its iconic front end, featuring the famous Bugatti horseshoe grille, made of Lego bricks, while other details such as the wheel arch vents and the patterns in “X” are added with stickers.

We also discover the luminous signature of the X-shaped rear lights, but also the imposing air intake located in the roof frame, which extends towards the stabilizing dorsal fin as well as the imposing rear spoiler, offering an even more beastly overall.

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Bugatti Bolide: the most extreme Bugatti

Presented in 2020, the Bolide is the most extreme and lightest Bugatti of the French brand, equipped with the legendary 1850 horsepower quad-turbo W16 engineand which is only intended for circuit driving.

It was presented to the public in 2021 at The Quail in Monterey, California, and Bugatti has announced that the vehicle will be produced in limited edition of 40 units. In just a few days, all of these copies were sold, at a unit price of four million euros. The first deliveries of the Bugatti Bolide are scheduled for 2024.

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