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An ultra-rare Ford Comet has just been found in France

A Ford Comète was found in France. Coming from a private collection, this top-of-the-range Ford is incredibly rare!

A historic and extremely rare car has been found in France. It is a Ford Comète, a V8 built by Ford’s French subsidiary, Ford SAF. This top-of-the-range vehicle had been designed as a French-made Ford, intended to be more elegant and luxurious than the American versions. The body styling was even designed by Pinin Farina in Turin, Italy, and manufactured by Facel-Metalon in France.

Although rare, it is not entirely by chance that this Ford Comet ended up in France. Indeed, despite its beauty and fascinating history, this model remains largely unknown outside his country of origin. For good reason, it was not really sold outside France, so that relatively few copies were exported. Moreover, its marketing had stretched for a fairly short timebetween 1951 and 1954, with a production limited to a few copies.

The Ford Comète, a collector’s vehicle

When it was launched, this car was aimed at a high-end clientele. Today, the few copies still available of the Ford Comète, extremely rare, are highly sought after by collectors in France, but also in the rest of Europe. And incredible stroke of luck for them: a model dating from 1952 is for sale! Good news for enthusiasts of this iconic Ford, as well as for all lovers of vintage cars.

The Comet in question, however, clearly needs a complete restoration. Indeed, it is covered with traces of rust and many bumps are prominent on the bodywork. A sign that it has not been very well maintained by its owner. Moreover, the interior is in a deplorable state and requires a refresh. However, it retains excellent mechanics, since nothing is missing on this side. The vehicle does contain its original engine, transmission and chassis.

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A vehicle tailored for the French market, with very specific characteristics

The story of the Ford Comet is rather atypical. It owes its existence to an older model, the Ford Vedette. The latter had also been developed by Ford SAF, to be marketed from 1948 to 1954. Initially not reserved for the French market, it had even been designed by Ford designer Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie as a lightweight model for the American market. But cost reasons prevented its production in the United States, and it was the French subsidiary that took over the torch.

Returned to the hands of the French subsidiary, it still had some success on the French market. The Ford Comète was thus intended to be a more upscale version, although it shares the same chassis and the same mechanics as the Vedette. The Comet had however been particularly criticized for the power of its engine, considered insufficient. This led Ford to release an improved version in 1954, the Comet Monte Carlo.

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