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BMW: this time the body changes (really) color!

This year, BMW impresses at CES in Las Vegas. With the i Vision Dee concept, the Bavarian firm presents an improved version of its 2.0 ink!

We remember last year, BMW already presented a specific body at CES in Las Vegas. The German firm showed us the iX, covered with a completely new “E Ink”. These millions of microcapsules had the ability to change color. There were clear, negatively charged pigments and positively charged black pigments that could be swapped to change the color of the SUV on demand.

This time, the color palette much wider!

For CES 2023, BMW is back with an evolution of its electronic ink. Presented on the concept i Vision Dee, technology is more advanced than ever. It displays no less than 32 different colors ! Indeed, it is no longer content to alternate between black and white, but now supports a much wider palette. To achieve this, the Bavarian firm has teamed up with E Ink and applied its ePaper film with no less than 240 segments on the entire body of the concept.

The wheels also change color

The body isn’t the only one that can change color. The wheels can also be coated with E Ink to make the i Vision Dee a real chameleon! BMW says an “almost infinite variety of patterns” is possible and changing to another color is done in seconds. In the gallery of this article, you can admire some different color combinations.

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No more information about a serial application

On the other hand, BMW does not communicate on the prospects for the application of electronic ink in color on a production model. It seems unlikely to see this technology become more popular in the near future, however. Indeed, in terms of insurance and identity of the vehicle, this will complicate things! Especially if you have to deal with law enforcement…

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